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Pastel drawings from original photographs - all taken whilst on a 'bucket list' holiday to Nepal, October 2022. The subjects were mostly oblivious to my zoom camera and photographed in Kathmandu city or at various tea houses during a 55km trek of the Annapurna circuit. I have included the original photographic images and some of the 'work up' stages to show the process.

Each pastel drawing took between 2/3 days to complete depending on the complexity.

It's been a while since I've produced this much intensive drawing, in any media - but particularly pastel. I'd promised myself the challenge of working up some portraits from my Nepalese subjects, all of whom, with the possible exception of the 'Sadhus' holy man were only too obliging to be captured by my Sony 'Bridge' camera.

So this whole episode had been two years in the planning - hope you like the results?

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