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'Press-moulded', slip cast and thrown forms all produced from an electric (oxidising) kiln.
The pieces depicted here have various glazes or oxides, either 'rubbed' into their textured surfaces or overglazed with Turquoises, blues, greys. The red earthenware pieces have been coated in white slip whilst 'green' and then coated in a transparent glaze for their final electric kiln firing.

Many of the press-moulded pieces in particular, were inspired by the Cornish cliff faces at Treen near Penzance. Pedn Vounder beach is a wonderful expanse of golden, firm sand at low tide which enables cliff exploration from beach level.

Dried clay fragments in the style of fossilised forms were embedded into soft clay during the 'pressing stage' - within a plaster mold. Two mold halves were then subsequently joined together to form either a square-based or cylindrical whole.

After 'biscuit firing', either iron oxide or coloured glazes were then 'rubbed' into the rough textures to delineate the structures.

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