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'Aesthete of Clay' Exhibition - re-scheduled August 5th - 18th, 2020

It's been a while....since my last exhibition, maybe the thick end of 20 years!

I've responded to a need, to produce rather than simply 'create and store' - the constant effect of taking photographs, something we all do from time to time. This exhibit has images large and small, some 'framed' in an unusual manner, ceramics (thrown and cast) and drawings (many exhibited for the first time).


My sources are from as far afield as Japan and China, to 'more local' forays - Scotland, Cornwall, Cumbria, the Cotswolds and of course Dorset - my home for over 20 years and counting.

A few items are 'not for sale' as they have been loaned by family and friends, but most are. Equally I am hoping to derive commissions from visitors to my exhibition - partly as a revenue source but also (and more importantly), to continue creating and making.


I sincerely hope you find something you like from all the works displayed - and who knows - maybe you'll be inspired to get out there and engage more with nature and beauty as I have.

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